Workforce success retires from “Dream Job”

Bellefontaine: In 2007, CRSI published a story about Dennis Ross being the recipient of a ten-year employment award from McDonalds in Bellefontaine. His “dream job” as a dishwasher for the local franchise had come true in 1997 with the help of Don Oswald, employment specialist (at that time) with the Logan County Board of Developmenta14Dennis Ross-Retires-McDonaldsl Disabilities; and Ross went on to became a “workforce success story.”

In 2007 Oswald said, “I remember to this day how the tears flowed from my eyes and the feeling of happiness overwhelmed me. I don’t think “Dennis had any idea that I was happier than he was that he got his “dream job”.

In June of this year, Mr. Ross retired after 17 years.

Anyone who attended his farewell party in June to wish him well was offered a free lunch on behalf of Mr. Ross. “I’m gonna miss these people,” said Mr. Ross.

Mr. Ross’ family started the Ross Training Center (RTC) in Bellefontaine.