Wittenberg students ‘test the waters’

Clark Co: A popular vocational activity at Strive@CRSI in Springfield is the indoor Aquaponic garden where participants raise and market vegetables, herbs and lettuces all year. The water filtration system flows from the onsite fish farm as part of an overall ‘green’ system.

Students from Wittenberg recently visited and are shown sampling water nutrients from 15Witt students testing waterthe fish tank. They also tested the water before and after it flows through the plants. The students are studying how Aquaponic farms and wetlands can be used to serve urban communities, according to Patricia Young, habilitation manager in Clark Co.

The Strive@CRSI program in Clark Co. had it’s first participant sign-up in February 2013. A public open house was held in March and the doors opened in April of the same year.

Strive participants and staff are shown celebrating the two year anniversary of the program.