Valued DSP’s – Miami Co.

Beverly Studebaker celebrated her 70th birthday with her Walnut St. housemates and support staff.14Beverly Studebaker

“Thank you to all of Beverly’s DSP staff, Brenda Knife, Michelle Brake, Chelsea Mumford, Stacy Miller and MacKenzie Moore for working hard to make the Walnut home a place where the ladies feel special.”
Ashley Brocious, Program Administrator

Mindy Warner, support manager, has been with CRSI since 2002 and was promoted to 14Mindy Warner(Staff) Charles Pitsenbergermanager in 2013. She is always willing to go the extra mile with people she serves according to Ashley Brocious, program administrator. Shown here with Charles Pitsenbarger of Troy, Mindy enjoys taking consumers on vacations and showing them a good time. They really enjoy her!