Two CRSI nominees win DSP awards, a third is honored

Two DSP’s representing CRSI, Brad Sterling and Cheryl Reed, have won awards presented to Outstanding Direct Support Professionals by the Ohio Provider Resources Association (OPRA). The contest is open to nominees state-wide and the pair took two of only eight awards presented at the OPRA fall conference in October. A third outstanding nominee, Shannon Antoine, is also being honored.14Brad Sterling-Shelby

Brad Sterling, nominated by Mary Butt, program specialist. Shelby Co.: Brad Sterling has been with CRSI since 2005 and he is a very dedicated employee, according to his nominator Mary Butt, program specialist. In difficult times, he always looks at the bigger picture with a positive attitude. Brad has worked with Tony Chambers for over nine years and became his home manager in 2012.14Brad Sterling-Mary-Ashley-Shelby

Brad has gained the trust of the entire team, showing everyone that he is committed to the profession. He makes decisions with integrity in all professional and personal situations. He always provides a high standard of service and expects the rest of the staff members to do the same. He has always treated others with respect and graciously shows his appreciation.

Brad takes any and all of his responsibilities that come with his job to heart, and makes sure he does what is best for the individuals served. He usually spends his holidays working so that he can take Tony to all his family functions. Brad’s family welcomes Tony into their home as if he is part of their family.

According to the nomination, Brad is a great team member who brings a lot of knowledge and fore-thought to the table. An example is that he started a white board quote that is on display for everyone to see. October’s quote is
“Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.” Another quote is, “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence.”

Even when some days are tough, Brad Sterling comes to work with a smile on his face and he is very excited to see what positive spin he can put on the challenges for the day.

Cheryl Reed, nominated by Cristin Schappert, program administrator.
Defiance Co.: Cheryl Reed, support specialist, has been with CRSI since 2008.

Cheryl, with her sense of humor can really make anyone who is having a bad day just chuckle and laugh. Her unique personality is effortless and recognizable to both fellow employees and consumers. She has provided services for many consumers and works in several counties in the Defiance region.14CherylREED-OPRA winner

Cheryl’s heart is always in the right place. She is always an advocate for the individuals and when anyone is having a bad day she will help them forget about it and get them to smile. She is a very hard worker, dedicated and willing to work any shift.

Cheryl is always about “consumers first” and is team-committed to do what it takes to help any individual. She follows our mission statement and is very respectful to both other employees and individuals served. She always has the consumers in mind and makes the extra effort to ensure they have good days.

Not only is Cheryl dedicated but she has really turned the life of a particular individual around. She faces challenges everyday because the person has behavior issues. One of her goals when CRSI first started providing services for this individual was to encourage her to talk and involve her in the community. The female consumer really feared anyone of authority like police officers or sirens of any kind. Cheryl is the one that got her to take her first walk in the community and get her to talk! In addition, the individual came to CRSI with a weight of 80lbs and now she weighs 141, her average weight.

Cheryl is very creative and uses humor and techniques like dancing, singing, going out into the community to “look for hot guys”. A ruse, but as long as she connects with the consumers, she doesn’t worry about her image or looking foolish.

Behaviors or not, Cheryl excels and the consumers love her. She is very reliable and dependable and is truly a blessing to CRSI and the individuals served.

Shannon Antoine, nominated by Cristin Schappert, program administrator.
Paulding Co.: Shannon Antoine has been with CRSI since 2009 an14ShannonAntoine-Opra nominee-Jack Angeli and Dennis McGuired consumers just adore her, according to Program Administrator Cristin Schappert.  She is very willing to step in whenever and wherever needed.  She is very good at monitoring insulin and she works well with diabetic consumers and particularly well with an individual with explosive disorders.  Shannon always advocates for the people served and is a very hard worker who is dedicated to her work.

She follows the mission statement and acts with integrity in all settings to sustain professionalism.  She is always consumer-first and team-committed to do what it takes to help any individual.

Shannon goes beyond her duties and can work with multiple consumers with all types of mental and medical diagnoses. She has an array of energy and it shows as her homes run very smoothly.  

Shannon is very organized, especially during times when staffing is short.  She is an outstanding leader and the staff respects her as a co-worker. She has creative ways in getting consumers to achieve their goals and help them understand their own medical challenges.  

The homes Shannon works in can be very challenging on a daily basis.  The positive spin she puts on any case scenario doesn’t go unnoticed by peers.  She is a true model for staff to look up to.