Three outstanding stars

Star onlyThree outstanding CRSI direct support employees who have a way of sprinkling stardust among the individuals they serve, have been nominated for awards to be announced at the OPRA Fall Conference on October 8 & 9. In celebration of Direct  13Sue Antoine-nominee-OPRASupport Appreciation month in September and all year long, CRSI thanks all 1100 support personnel and the work they do to make a difference in the lives of nearly 800 individuals served by the agency. They are considered Stars in their field.

Paulding Co.: Nominated by Program Administrator Cristin Schappert:  Sue Antoine has had major personal, life-changing situations but they have never affected her job performance. She oversees the services for sixteen consumers with superior organization and follow-through on needs and issues. For instance, Paulding County experienced a major power outage for a week but everyone was kept comfortable and consumers lost a minimum amount of food due to her organizational skills and her creative attention to each situation.

Sue’s supervisory relationship with other staff members is so outstanding that we have had minimal turn-over. She has been with CRSI for over seven years and fellow employees as well as the consumers she serves love her personality and vitality. Serving the agency also as a CPR and First Aid instructor, Sue sets high standards for herself and everyone looks up to her. She is the perfect role model of what a front line supervisor should be and highly deserves to be recognized for her commitment to those with developmental disabilities.

Allen Co.: Nominated by QIDP Heidi Reed:  “If we are all consistent there will 13Pat Crisp-nominee-OPRAbe no issues,” these are the words of Pat Crisp, support manager in Allen Co. Crisp has been with CRSI since 1997 and is a stickler about following protocol and procedures;  and she makes fellow direct care employees aware of this time and time again.

When assisting with difficult but necessary disciplinary actions, she has helped all of us to follow CRSI disciplinary policies and procedures; making sure we are doing this tough, supervisory task by the book.

I have worked with Pat for almost seven years and she has never failed to go beyond what is required of her for the good of the individuals she serves. Known as “Momma Pat” to some, she helps out when staffing is short and the staff members she supervises highly respect her because she respects them. Recently we hired two new 2nd shift managers and Pat was asked to train and mold them into great managers like herself. This was extra duty for Pat but she asked no questions and followed through with the task; so now, two more employees have inherited her great work ethic.

A sixteen year and growing commitment to looking after the well-being of the very vulnerable individuals served by CRSI in Allen County (whether that is in a direct care role or in a supervisory position influencing other employees) is a life-long commitment, deserving of this award.

Defiance Co.: Nominated by Program Administrator Cristin Schappert:  Michael Inselman believes the goal of anyone in his position is to “love the consumer 13Michael Inselman-nominee-OPRAand love what you do”…and that’s exactly his work ethic in everything he does for CRSI and his consumers. He is relatively new to the profession but already is praised by the Dept. of Job and Family Services, the Defiance county board, school personnel and CRSI staff.

One consumer in particular has dramatically improved behaviors since coming to CRSI. Michael personally oversees the services provided to a sixteen year old who came to CRSI with severe behaviors, running away, hitting staff, and involved with the police. Michael has been working directly with him on a full-time basis and the teen’s issues have dramatically improved.

He gets him out in the community more than anyone previously thought possible. They go out daily for a walk and he takes him fishing and swimming often.

Before Michael arrived, we could not retain staff members and the turnover was constant. Michael works with the current staff members to help them understand the consumer’s disorders and we haven’t had any staff turnover since.

He also has a great working relationship with the teen’s school and with the doctor regarding strict dietary needs.

Michael may be new to this position but his commitment to his work deserves the highest recognition.