Teamwork helped young man to excel

Defiance: Josh came to CRSI for services two years ago at the young age of sixteen. At that time, he was described as a run away, prone to stealing. He lacked social skills and the ability to be appropriate out in the community, and he had problems in school, lacked proper medical care, and suffers from severe disorders.

In comes a team of five CRSI support specialists who give Josh the trust and security he needs to succeed.
Donovan Evans, Support Specialist
– Since April 2013
Micheal Inselmann, Support Manager
– Since December 2012
Joseph Jackson, Support Specialist
– Since August 2008
Connie Kerr, Support Specialist
– Since April 2013
Susan Zartman, Support Specialist
– Since December 2012 

Michael Inselmann, support manager, won an OPRA award in 2013 based on his initiatives in caring for Josh. He immediately introduced Josh to a healthier style of eating and exercise, resulting in a healthy weight loss; he advocates for Josh by taking him to different doctors to reduce the amount of unnecessary medications he’d been prescribed, some of which caused the seizures; and he uses his unique problem-solving skills to find solutions for Josh’s behavior.

Inselmann, through his own insight, trained the team of support specialists and lead by example so that all caregivers understand Josh’s needs, help him set goals and work to ensure trust and consistency in his life.

Each one of Josh’s team has been able to take Josh on daily trips in the community. In addition, for the first time he went to Cedar Point and to the Ohio State Fair. He has also attended many baseball games.

According to Cristin Schappert, program administrator, “Teamwork and loyalty to Josh has made him the young man he has become today. Instilling a sense of trust that the team will not leave his side has helped him to succeed and excel. Josh knows he is safe and the team is his family.”