TEAM Auglaize in training

TEAM = Together Each Accomplishes More 

Wapakoneta: Crisis Intervention is a required CRSI training segment for all new direct support personnel and it continues annually after hire. 14Training- Tina escaping Britt

TEAM is an approved Crisis Intervention acronym for a technique that teaches staff how to intervene with consumers during a behavioral crisis episode, according to Sue Ulis, program administrator for the Auglaize/Mercer/VanWert region.

Physical techniques are taught to direct support employees to protect the consumer as14Training- Tina -Britt -MaryFaler well as the employee. 

Shown above is Trainer Tina Bayes, LPN on left, escaping the choke-hold being demonstrated by Brittany Miller, support manager. At right, Mary Faler with TEAM CRSI on shirt.