Striving to be…

Members of the entire Strive Team from Allen, Clark and Champaign Counties came14Strive-DSP exercise-group together at Southview Park in Bellefontaine to engage in team building exercises and to be recognized for their outstanding work. Together, they provide direct support day services for a total of 110 individuals within the three-county CRSI/Strive program. 14Strive-DSP exercise2

A focus for the day was for each DSP to chose one word or trait needed for DSPs to successfully perform their jobs. They were then split into five groups and each group   worked together to choose one word. 

That trait was committed to canvas, then shared with the entire STRIVE Team, along with an explanation as 14Strive-DSP exerciseto why that word was chosen.

The team agreed everyone should STRIVE to be:

  1. Patient
  2. Compassionate
  3. Pursuant of Discovery14Strive-DSP exercise3
  4. Caring and Nurturing (CAN)
  5. Able to give and receive blessings in their work.  

The artwork is being used in a collage to recognize and remind everyone of the traits they already have and will STRIVE to maintain.