Strive focuses on individual needs

Allen Co.: The Strive program in Lima provides daily activities for participants that focus on individual needs and choices. Activities include art projects and sensory experiences.

David Lombardo is engaged in sensory activities by making “silky smooth lavender 15 David Lombardo-sensory activitiesscented dough”, according to Melynda Morgan, habilitation manager for Allen Co.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, art activities include creating lucky pots of gold.

Michael Duff sprinkling gold on his lucky pot with the assistance of Cheryl 15Michael Duff-CherylMulhollandMulholland, direct support professional.

Below: Ralph Greene (R) works on his lucky pot as does Melinda Kelly with the assistance of Erin Hadding, assistant habilitation manager.

15Ralph Green15Melinda Kelly-Erin Hadding