Strive, an Amazing Race destination

   Springfield:  The Amazing Race  made a stop at Strive on Limestone St. while participants raced around Clark County to perform tasks at various businesses before moving on to the next location. The event was sponsored by “Leadership Clark Co.”, a program of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, to acquaint new community leaders with the business community.

Just like the reality show on T.V., teams rushed from one location to another after receiving “clues” about each destination. Each team of four made a stop at Jeff Wyler Auto where they picked up a car to travel from place to place.

From Wyler’s, their next stop was Strive@CRSI where four different tasks awaited completion. Each task represented the vocational paid work o13Strive-Amazing Race uf Strive participants; who, along with support staff, instructed, cheered and guided the teams at each station.

Task 1

Task 1:  Limit one team member to fill small potting tray of twenty-four spaces with vermiculite and plant one arugula seed per space. The seeds are very, very tiny. This is the first step in aquaponic growing, maintaining and marketing Strive produced lettuces and herbs.13Strive-Amazing Race -assemble first aid kits

Task 2:  Each team to assemble two first aid kits using a list of items and specific quantities needed to complete each bag. The first aid kits are ordered and used by all CRSI locations where services are provided.                                          Task 2

Task 3:  Limit two team members to make a paper brick by using one hand each to soak shredded paper in water, fill the brick format machine, press down hard to compact and lift out for drying. The paper bricks are used to start fires and are another e13Strive-Amazing Race paper brick makingnterprise of the Strive program in Clark Co.                Task 3

Task 4:  Limit one team member (after washing hands) to fill a coffee bag with fresh roasted Good Coffee beans, blind-folded and with a small plastic spoon. The bag 13Strive-Amazing Race uuis weighed by another team member and must measure exactly ½ pound or it is returned to the table to add or subtract until the weight is correct. Strive participants roast and sell packaged fresh Good Coffee beans (or ground) to the community.                                                                  Task 4

These budding community leaders will certainly know about Strive @ CRSI in the future.