MUI Oversight

UI/MUI is an oversight reporting process of any event that is not consistent with routine operational policies, procedures, or the care and habilitation plan of the individual. The CRSI Advocacy/MUI Director oversees the MUI process for all counties served by CRSI. This oversight allows for a hands on approach to understanding the issues surrounding the lives of the people served as well as the opportunity to track patterns and trends to ensure health and safety.

Abuser Registry

All people with disabilities have the right to a system that seeks to ensure their health and safety. The Abuser Registry Law is in the Ohio Revised Code, sections 5123.50 and 5123.51 and can be found on the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website at:

Any person hired by CRSI cannot be listed on the Abuser Registry and any employee with evidence of causing abuse will be terminated and may be placed on the Abuser Registry.