Roar of the Panther

Celina:  Miles Martin, a customer of CRSI in Mercer Co., “roars” with artistic talent. Miles attends the Cheryl Ann program each weekday where he shares his 14 MilesMartin--Celina14 MilesMartin--Celinaartistic abilities with sketches and bulletin board design, according to the Cheryl Ann News Review. Through the program, he was invited to create a design for the Parkway 14 MilesMartin--CelinaElementary parent organization known as High Five, which commissions a school spirit shirt each year for the Parkway Panthers.14 MilesMartin--Celina

Miles has a keen observation skill and the ability to remember graphically what he has seen, according to Tony Richmond, support specialist in Mercer Co.  He is especially good at drawing animals, trains, Disney & Dr. Seuss cartoon characters with very good detail.

The spirit design was a big hit with the Parkway students and shirts are now proudly worn throughout the school district.