Certification Courses

CRSI offers Medication Administration Certification (MAC) courses certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. MAC is mandatory for certain direct support professionals employed by CRSI and is also open to those who qualify outside of CRSI.

Certification Courses Offered:
MAC 1 Initial (14 hours) – $175
MAC 1 Annual Re-Certification (3 hours) – $60
MAC 2 G/J Tube Initial (4 hours) – $90
MAC 2 G/J Tube Annual Re-Certification (1 hour) – $60
MAC 3 Insulin Initial (4 hours) – $90
MAC 3 Insulin Annual Re-Certification (1 hour) – $60

Non-CRSI Personnel MAIS Application-fillable fields
Training Class Registration Form for Non-CRSI Personnel
DOWNLOAD 2019 Medication Administration and Other CRSI Required Training Schedule

Please download the Application, have your employer complete Page 1, you complete page 2, and submit by e-mail along with the Registration Form and any questions to:  MAregister@crsi-oh.com.