Local Lee’s now serving Strive coffee

By LINDA D. SMITH, Public Relations Director

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken and Lee’s Famous Catering President and General Manager Scott Griffith has announced that his seven regional stores will begin serving coffee produced by participants in the Strive@CRSI program located at 2030 N. Limestone in Springfield. Three Lee’s stores located in Springfield and one each in New Carlisle, Piqua, Sidney and Bellefontaine began placing orders for the product labeled Strive Roasters’ Good Coffee in late June.

The decision to change its coffee brand culminated in a series of circumstances over the past few months. According to Griffith, he was personally invited by Kelly Buck, CRSI habilitation director, to attend the Strive@CRSI Open House in March where he learned about the program’s coffee roasting plans. He happened to meet Dennis Hitzeman, a coffee roasting expert and consultant for Strive@CRSI, and learned more about choosing a customer-friendly brand of coffee. He has since consulted with Hitzeman on serving a premium coffee at all of his restaurants.

Griffith is not only interested in the realm of possibilities for his coffee service; he is also interested in the CRSI program itself. Strive@CRSI is an adult day services program offering work and life skill opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

On June 20, Griffith and a group of managers from Lee’s seven regional stores held a planning meeting at the facility. Patricia Young, habilitation manager, gave an account of the coffee roasting process, explaining that the beans are grown in Central and South America and arrive green before roasting. The group tasted various roasting levels of the coffee beans and voted on their favorite. Discussions on measurement and portion control ensued before touring the Strive facility.

“We can do some good here (by supporting Strive), but oh yeah, we want to sell good coffee too,” Griffith explained.


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