Honor program recognizes exceptional employees-January

CRSI’s Mission and Philosophy (printed on page 1) hinges on the dedicated work of all of its employees in order to bring quality of life to all persons served. All employees contribute to the wellbeing of each customer, whether they are providing direct support services or administrative duties, employees are the key to success for both the agency and the individuals for whom services are provided.

Therefore, under the direction of Scott DeLong, president, CRSI has launched a new version of employee recognition called “Attitude of Gratitude”, a nomination process that is open to all employees in all regions served. Nominations are made by coworkers

The purpose of the program is “to reward staff who have demonstrated exceptional behavior by going above and beyond their normal job duties. It is designed to recognize the good works of others as they carry out CRSI’s mission”, according to policy guidelines set forth.

From the monthly list of Attitude of Gratitude winners, an overall Agency Employee of the month is determined by the senior management team, and a monetary supplemental award is added to each winner’s paycheck.

Winners for January.

Agency Employee for January

Amanda Sparks15Amanda Sparks
Support Manager
Madison/Franklin Region

Attitude of Gratitude

The management and staff of CRSI

hereby attest to and certify that the following are welldeserving of the honor for outstanding performance:

Deidra Cron, Support Specialist, Miami Region
Sherri Jefferes, Support Specialist, Defiance Region
Helen Jones, Support Specialist, Miami Region
Connie Kerr, Support Specialist, Defiance Region
Terri Oakes, Support Specialist, Auglaize Region
Amy Quick, LPN, Champaign/Clark Region
Teresa Scott, Support Manager, Champaign/Clark Region
Amanda Sparks, Support Manager, Madison/Franklin Region

Thank you for your service and dedication to CRSI! Your efforts and commitment are greatly appreciated!