‘Good Life’ grads to become trainers

Eight CRSI graduates of the Good Life Ally and Coach Facilitator Training program  join Program Administrators Steve Maenle and Alysha Jones to form a team of  ten certified trainers following a graduation ceremony at Clark State on November 20.

The thirty hour train the trainers course was led by program developers Willie Jones and Pete Moore of the Ohio Assoc. of County Boards.

The OACB “Good Life” program uses the ideas of the Positive Culture Initiative to teach skills necessary to create more person-centered and respectful service models. Based on peer support and respect the overall program promotes improvements in the quality of life for people receiving services, as well as for CRSI employees.

The team of ten certified trainers will eventually train the whole CRSI direct support staff (company-wide) in cultural awareness methods that promote positive support systems between staff, peers and individuals served.

Photo: ‘Good Life” trainers (L-R): Brent Martin, training specialist; Mindy Adkins, Champaign Co. support manager; Jason Marshall, Miami Co. program specialist; Shannon Hall, Clark Co. program specialist; Mary Butt, Shelby Co. program specialist; Karen Angles, Champaign Co. program specialist; Christy Cottrell, Clark Co. program specialist; and Anastasia Davis, Shelby County support manager.