Employee Training Saves Life

Hope Burrell is a Program Specialist in Butler County. She is also a “Soccer Mom” who thanks CRSI for the training 14 Hope Burrellshe received on the job.

During an overnight trip to Sidney with her son, they went to the swimming pool at the lodge where they were staying. Soon she heard a man shout “help, help, he’s down” and they saw a woman pulling a tiny little boy out of the pool. She immediately ran over to help the child who was lifeless, blue and purple and was not breathing. She noticed everyone else seemed to freeze so she and another “soccer mom” jumped in and started performing CPR.

“I have never done this to anyone, much less a child,” says Burrell. “We yelled for someone to call 9-1-1 and started chest compressions. Water was coming from his nose and mouth but he still wasn’t breathing. We continued and he started vomiting. I cleared his mouth and nose as best I could and he started shallow breathing after four or five minutes. He started to chill so I covered him with towels and then the police and paramedics took over and he was transferred to Children’s Hospital.”

She adds, “I don’t know how I did that … I believe along with Angels and the Grace of God, that the training that CRSI provided me caused this story to have a happy ending. The little boy is expected to have a full recovery.”

(Note: CPR is one of many mandatory training exercises needed before caring for individuals served by CRSI. Training is also mandatory on an annual basis thereafter.)