Employee Attitude of Gratitude – May and June

The management and staff of CRSI hereby attest to and certify that the following are well-deserving of the honor for outstanding performance:  Thank you for your service and dedication to CRSI! Your efforts and commitment are greatly appreciated! 

May 2015

Jennifer Brown, Support Manager, Auglaize Co.
Charity Collier, Support Manager, Madison Co.
Crystal Fordney, Support Specialist, Auglaize Co.
Shannon Hall, Program Specialist, Clark Co.
Monica Heckel, Support Manager, Williams Co.
Donna Lawson, Support Specialist, Union Co.
Gerald Marenberg, Support Specialist, Champaign Co.
Jalen McGill, Support Specialist, Allen Co.
Constance Ruggles, Support Specialist, Defiance Co. 

Employee of the Month of May 

15Crystal Fordney

Crystal Fordney, Support Specialist
Auglaize County



June 2015

Mallory Arneson, Support Specialist, Clark Co.
Marianne Frederick, Support Specialist, Paulding Co.
Salli Kolb, Support Specialist, Defiance Co.
Susan Lantz, Direct Support Specialist, Champaign Co.
Karlita Mugo, Support Manager, Franklin Co.
Standley Oliver, Support Manager, Madison Co.
Vicki Stover, Consumer Benefits Specialist, Madison Co.
Katja Walker, QDDP, Champaign Co.

Employee of the Month of June

Katja Walker, QDDP
(Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional)
Champaign County