Elf magic at Strive

The Strive@CRSI programs In Allen, Champaign and Clark Counties each had their own unique visitor throughout December. A little Elf magically appeared at the 14Elf Oscar-beard on William Singerprogram sites to share in the daytoday life at CRSI. Whether naughty or nice, the elves represent CRSI’s mission & philosophy of empowerment, independence and choice. Seen throughout the agency daily, the elves magically transformed themselves overnight only to be caught the next day, doing what they want to do.
Urbana: Elf Oscar drawing a beard on a photo of William Singer.  Naughty?

According to Patricia Young, habilitation manager in Springfield, Elf Chloe Jewels helps 14Elf Chloe Jeweleveryday with learning life skills. “We are reminded each day that we can do anything and have fun, and that everyone is different and unique with something to give. Springfield: Elf Chloe Jewels  says “I can do all these things.”

Also reporting Elf activities are Danielle BuckneyMoore, assistant habilitation manager in Urbana and Melynda Morgan, habilitation manager in Lima.

Urbana: Elf Oscar playing ‘Connect the Dots’ with the Easter Bunny?

Lima:  Elf Bob taking a nap and a bubble bath. 14Elf Oscar-connectingDOTS

14Elf Bob-bubble bath