CRSI honored by Allen Co. Board of DD

Lima: 15Dena Snavely-awardCRSI the honor of being named the “Partner in Service Provision” for its excellence as a service provider.

CRSI as provided services in Allen Co. since 1997. Serving over 130 individuals, it operates the 32 bed Mary Ann Brown ICF/IID Facility (Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities);

46 waiver or transportation locations, including group homes and individual services; and the Allen County Strive program. CRSI employs over 200 people (including over 160 direct care workers) in Allen Co.

According to the County Board: “CRSI has committed to all three of the board’s “transformation workgroups” with its local director (Dena Snavely) taking a personal interest in serving on two of them.

“Through the years, CRSI has continued to place a high priority on communication…Having great communication locally and with its corporate office in Urbana has allowed us to problem-solve on relevant issues for those we serve. CRSI has always been committed to finding solutions which will improve the quality of services for individuals we serve.

“Excellence in service provision that matters most is…direct care staff interacting with the people they serve. For example, the home manager at the Kensington Home (Ella Williams) does an excellent job in her care and concern for the men who live in the home…Under her care and leadership…, one man has flourished and is no longer withdrawn…There are many examples of…services provided and this is just one example of a great staff providing a great service every day.

“We would like to thank CRSI for this significant contribution to individuals and to Allen County DD services.”

CRSI President Scott DeLong:    “The award is greatly appreciated, we at CRSI know that without the strong leadership and collaborative effort of the Allen County Board staff, we would not be able to be creative in producing quality outcomes for individuals. 

“I am very proud of the work Dena and all of the employees in Allen County have accomplished. Without them and their initiative to serve we would not be the agency we are today.”