CRSI focuses on ‘abilities’…all year long

Each year during March CRSI joins the nation in celebrating Developmental Admin_ScottDeLongDisabilities Awareness Month. As it does all year long, CRSI focuses on peoples’ abilities and similarities rather than differences and encourages everyone to welcome people with developmental disabilities into their communities. Many new opportunities are emerging in this spirit throughout the state, including communitybased employment options like those provided by Strive@CRSI and CRSI’s residential opportunities that more fully integrate people with disabilities into the community. The 2015 theme for DD Awareness Month reflects this spirit — “Can Do Like You!”

CRSI’s business practices include the establishment of a safe, quality support system designed for each individual and provided by a staff trained and encouraged to be an active participant in the individual’s life. CRSI is focused all year long on the business of providing developmental disability services, we recognize the importance of taking some time each year to recognize the needs and skills of some of our community members who have a lot to offer; and who, at the same time, need some support along the way.”

Please take the time to get to know a relative, neighbor or acquaintance who is living with any type of developmental disability and you are likely to experience the “Can Do Like You!” attitude for yourself.