CrewCup Coffee…Great Christmas Gift!

Coffee roasted and packaged by Strive participants in Clark Co.
Just in time for Christmas!

CrewCup COFFEEWORKS™ is marketed as “farmer direct” and from a CrewCup-christmas bow“small batch roaster”, two highly desirous traits in the coffee enthusiasts world.

Our Beans
By warm light and gentle, steady rains throughout the hills and valleys of the 13Ronnie T-cooling beanssouthern hemisphere, CrewCup™ coffee beans are organically grown and carefully harvested by independent, ecofriendly farmers. This valued partnership allows CRSI™ Strive™ to extend our purpose around the globe by doing business with certified, fair trade coffee growers.

Our Crew
The goal of the CRSI Strive organization is to make a difference by empowering and encouraging individuals with challenges through meaningful job opportunities. Diligently supporting the daytoday in a caring, respectful environment—our diverse and conscientious Crew is ABLE to experience personal growth.

Our Cup for You
We are grateful for your mutual interest in the welfare of the people we serve. That’s why our goal is to ensure that each cup of your favorite, harmoniously

roasted CrewCup™ coffee blend is the very best it can be—every time. Enjoy!

To order on line go to:

Or call 9377179875