Cool beans!

Springfield:   Andy Harrod will try anything according to Patricia Young, habilitation manager for the Strive program in Clark Co. “When you ask him, ‘do you think you can do this’, he always says, ‘I can try’.14Jan- Andy - first coffee batch-cropped

One day Young asked if anyone (who hasn’t yet participated) would like to learn how to roast coffee and Andy was excited to try.

“So Andy got to learn how to roast the beans”, says Young. “I explained to him that he was going to have to watch the beans and make sure the fountain of beans did not stop.

“Then he looked for them to turn yellow, listened for the first crack and then the second crack. He was able to see the beans through the chaff collector and anytime something was wrong he would get our attention so we could adjust.

“As soon as he heard a crack he again got our attention so we could write in our log.  His favorite part was when it came time to cool the beans. He had to put on two big mitts to protect his hands from the hot beans. Then he stirred, covered them, and counted to 30 before stirring again.”