Advocating for the consumer: A good-luck charm emerges

Springfield: Part of being a great direct support professional (DSP) is 14John Dundonto listen to the wishes and desires of consumers, and advocate for them when possible…and that’s exactly what a home manager in Clark Co. did.

A number of years ago, Springfield resident John Dundon was a student at Kenton Ridge when he last worked with the KR Cougars football team. Memories came flooding back when he attended last year’s football games with band parent, and his home manager Kim Barcelona Burkett. So he told her that he’d like to help with the team again.

Burkett talked with Coach Joel Marratta who promptly invited John to come to a football practice and meet with the coach and players. He was then invited to help with the football team during the 2014 season. He worked every home game and rode the bus to every away game with the team.

He is considered the Kenton Ridge Cougars “good luck” charm as they finished the season with a 9 and 2 record, and made an appearance in the state playoffs.

“Kenton Ridge football players really enjoyed having John on the sidelines this year”, says Burkett, “and they have invited him back next year.”